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Whaler Club Records:

    93 points set in 1986-87, ironically it was only a 80 game season.

    43 wins also in the 1986-87 season

    54 losses in the 1980-81 season, also a 80 game season

Goals for:
    332 goals were scored in the 1985-86 season, another 80
    game season

Goals against:
    403 goals were allowed in the 1982-83 season

Indiviadual Whaler Records:

Most seasons:
    10 seasons were played in Hartford by Ron Francis

Most games: 
    714, Ron Francis

Most goals: 
    264, Ron Francis

Most assists: 
    557, Ron Francis

Most points: 
    821, Ron Francis

Most penalty minutes: 
   1,368, Torrie Robertson

Most shutouts: 
    13, Mike Liut

Iron Man: 
    419 games, Dave Tippett (March 3, 1984-Oct. 7, 19

Retired Numbers:

2 - Rick Ley (1972-1981)

9 - Gordie Howe (1977-1980)

19 - John McKenzie (1976-1979)


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