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Whaler Multimedia:

   Kevin Dineen's farewell speech in .wav format(206 KB)

   The fight... the infamous fight in the Hartford Civic Center that broke all 
   WHA records for penalty minutes and numbers of penalties.  It takes some time to download, but is well worth it, and is in .wav format(3.13 MB)

   The Brass Bonanza, the Whalers famous fight song, .mp3 format(418 KB)

   The Whalers introduction to all home games, Ladies and Gentlemen, your Hartford Whalers! .wav format(34 KB)

   A Keith Primeau video of him lighting it up against the New Jersey Devils   in front of the home folks. .avi format(729 KB)

   Peter Karmanos' theme song for life, a must hear! .wav format(172 KB)

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