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Join Fans Against Bettman(FAB)

Make a difference in the future of the NHL.  Regain the power for the fans.  Remember to be blunt, he and his lackies will recieve every one of your entries.  Get the word OUT!! 



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As we are all
we aware, Gary
Bettman will
never, almost
never(I hold 
out some hope)
allow the NHL
to return to 
Hartford.  Now
we have two 
choices, 1)let
him win and
give up on the
NHL in Hartford
or 2)we can 
e-mail him daily
and Join FAB.
Now I know you may be wondering what FAB could 
possibly accomplish.  Well, I feel that since every entry will be e-mailed to him
and his closest
colleagues, that he may start to waiver seeing public opinion weening.  Just by joining FAB, you may be influencing the NHL's future in Hartford.

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