The Hartford Whalers:
Now and Forever
The Whalers: Contacts

The Contacts:


Gary Bettman: The commissioner of the NHL, he has final sayover where teams move. We need his approval.  Let him know Hartford is still a hockey city.  E-mail him at

Others involved with Bettman:,,,


Governor John Rowland: John Rowland must approve, as well get approval from the house and senate to finance the building of an arena in Connecticut(probably), as well be 
influencial in getting a team to move to Hartford. He and
Gary Bettman are probably the two most infuencialpeople
in deciding whether or not Connecticut gets an NHL team
so contact him often! 



Just a little 
advice.  When 
e-mailing those
in the NHL,
write just one
letter, but send 
it to all of them.
This can be 
accomplished by
putting all of
their names and
e-mails in your
address book
and when writing
your letter, go to
the tools bar and
choose select
recipients.  It 
will save a lot
of time and will
be very helpful.


There's one more
thing you can 
do.  Please take
a moment to 
join Fans 
Against Bettman!