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The Hartford Whalers:
Now and Forever
The Wolfpack: Schedule
Last Updated: 8/11/99

The Wolfpack Schedule  & Results:


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Home Games
Date    Team    Time   Result
 Sat. 16          Rochester         7:35 
 Sat. 23          Syracuse          7:35 
 Sat. 30          Providence       7:35 

Road Games


Date    Team    Time   Result
 Fri.1              Quebec            7:30 
 Fri. 8             Providence      7:05 
 Sat. 9            Lowell           7:00 
 Sun. 10          Portland        3:05 
 Fri. 15           Syracuse         7:35 
 Fri. 22           Worchester      7:35 
 Wed. 27         Philadelphia   7:05
 Fri. 29           Providence       7:05

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